Become an au pair in New Jersey

Being an au pair in New Jersey is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the USA and gain independence.

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As an au pair in New Jersey you’ll be living on the East Coast of the USA. As a diverse state with farmlands, mountains, forests and beaches you’ll find lots of different nature in new Jersey! The food in New Jersey is not to be missed, and its famous for pizza, Italian food, and awesome bagels. Not only is New Jersey a great place to live, it’s also close to two major US cities which au pairs love – Philadelphia and New York!

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Jessica Currie, au pair from Australia

“I love New Jersey because I believe it has an exciting range of terrains in close proximity, from beautiful beaches and food truck festivals in the Summer, to haunted hayrides and pumpkin picking in the Fall you are never left with nothing to do. NJ is the perfect mixture of suburban and city life, it’s also a bonus that New York is not far away when big events are on as well! I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else in America.”

Tamara Ehrhardt, au pair from Germany

“I love Jersey’s countryside and all of its parks, especially the Marine Park in Red Bank. Red Bank itself is actually worth a visit, it’s such a cute little town with all its musicians and alternative flair, tiny restaurants and cafes. You can reach everything within walking distance and people are just so sweet and friendly! Anything can happen in Jersey!”

Why be an au pair?

If you love children and crave the opportunity to experience life in another country, the au pair programme could be the perfect next adventure for you. As an au pair, you’ll gain the following:

Personal Development

Gain independence and confidence, and emerge from this experience feeling more ready for your next chapter in life.

Cultural Exchange

Live with a host family and experience the American way of life, while sharing your own culture.

Professional Experience

Get work experience you can add to your CV, develop transferrable skills, and figure out your next steps in life.

Travel Opportunities

Explore the USA and its diverse cities and landscapes.

Study at an American University

Explore classes of your choice and earn educational credits.

Make Lifelong Memories

Meet au pair friends from around the world and make unforgettable memories.