Being a Cultural Care au pair is a unique opportunity to learn, grow and experience the USA – and as a participant of our programme, you’re entitled to special compensation and benefits.

Here is what is included in your programme participation:

  • Global Support

    Cultural Care will provide comprehensive, global support through every phase of your training, preparation, application completion and visa process.

  • Travel Arrangements

    Airfare and travel arrangements to and from your host family are covered – and you’ll start the programme with a five-day training course just outside of New York City.

  • Room & Board

    Your host family will provide room and meals as well as a minimum weekly stipend of $195.75 – this is simply pocket money for you!

  • Educational Opportunities

    As an au pair, you will take classes of your choice at a local university or college – your host family will contribute up to $500 per year towards your studies.

  • Time Off

    You are entitled to 2 weeks of paid, off-duty holiday – your J-1 visa also allows you a 30-day grace period at the end of your year, during which you can travel the USA.

Best of all, if you find that the au pair life is right for you, you have the option to extend your stay in the USA for up to another year!

Regardless of how long you choose to stay, being a Cultural Care au pair gives you the chance to live out your dream in the USA while growing both personally and professionally.