Information for Parents of Au Pairs

A guide to the au pair experience: created especially for parents

We know that encouraging your child to experience the world is an important part of being a parent, but it can also feel extremely daunting. At Cultural Care we believe that being an au pair is one of the safest ways for young people to experience life abroad.

As an au pair your child gets the benefits of spreading their wings, all while living in the caring home of a host family, and benefitting from the 24/7 support of Cultural Care. You can feel confident in the au pair programme giving your child the safest way to experience the world.

What is an au pair?

The term au pair means ‘equal to’ in French, which perfectly explains the way au pairs will fit in to an American family as the caretaker of their children.

This programme provides a unique opportunity for growth and independence, as well as a chance to experience cultural exchange in a safe environment.

Upon joining a host family, the primary responsibilities an au pair undertakes are to look after the children and assist with child-related tasks around the home. As well as these day-to-day duties, the programme offers an incredible chance for au pairs to gain self-confidence and develop a range of practical skills that they can benefit from in the future.

Who are our host families?

Our host families come from all over the United States and all have one thing in common, to find an au pair that is perfect for their children’s needs. While a host family is fully involved in selecting the ideal au pair, au pairs also have a choice in which family they feel suits them best. Ultimately, host families are excited to invite an au pair into their home and share a unique cultural experience.

What are the benefits for your child?

The benefits of travelling overseas whilst holding a responsible position, earning money, creating connections and lasting memories are endless.

Opportunity to Travel

Au pairs will not only experience life in a US state but they will also have the chance to travel around the country, sometimes with their host families and also independently, once their responsibilities as an au pair have been completed.

Expand academic studies

Au pairs can experience American student life by taking a course at a local college to further their studies. Attending lessons, learning new skills, making local friends and watching basketball or football matches all form part of this unique experience.

Professional development

When au pairs return home they will have acquired a variety of skills to assist them in their future career choices. Full-time responsibilities undertaken as part of the program create self-sufficient individuals with effective time management, among several other attributes.

International experience

Travelling abroad and living as a local allows au pairs to open doors to new opportunities. Being part of an American family and participating in a wide range of activities allows au pairs to create a network of contacts that enables them to become true global citizens.

Cultural Care's extensive support network

The support network we provide in the USA is extensive and, in fact, the largest of its kind for an au pair agency in the country. This means that au pairs will have a sense of security during their time spent as an au pair with an American host family.

With matching specialists ensuring au pairs are placed with a suitable host family, as well as help teams available 24/7, we promise to provide guidance throughout the duration of the au pair's time in the USA as a Cultural Care au pair.

Our support in the USA

Cultural Care - Boston

Our Boston-based headquarters are filled with staff who are passionate about au pair childcare. Au pairs can rely on their continuous support and the best possible assistance throughout the duration of their au pair experience.

Cultural Care - Denver

Friendly staff at the Denver office are also there to assist au pairs with all sorts of matters and have the ability to handle enquiries across time zones so that they'll never feel alone.

Local Childcare Consultants

Fully trained Local Childcare Consultants are within a maximum one-hour drive of each au pair's location, so that full support is always felt. LCCs are required to contact their au pair each month to make sure program regulations are being followed by the host family and check on the au pair’s well-being.

Experience you can trust since 1989

With over 30 years of experience placing au pairs and matching each one of them with a suitable host family, the expansive knowledge gained over this period of time has allowed our programme to prosper.

U.S. State Department regulated

Our au pair programme is monitored by the U.S. Department of State. Cultural Care Au Pair is one of the few designated sponsor organisations recognised by the U.S. Department of State to screen and select prospective au pairs.

Home country support

Full support will always be available to au pairs from their home country’s office, where more than 80% of staff are made up of former au pairs who understand exactly what the whole experience is all about.

Travel Insurance

All Cultural Care au pairs benefit from a comprehensive group insurance policy designed with au pairs in mind. It includes a medical coverage plus liability and legal, theft and programme interruption.