Become an au pair in Colorado

Being an au pair is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the USA and gain independence.

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As an au pair in Colorado you’ll be living in the west of the USA! Our au pairs who live in Colorado say that you get the best views and nicest people of anywhere in the USA. Colorado is also famous for its people having some of the healthiest lifestyles in the US, and it’s no surprise with the amazing landscapes and cool health food cafes.

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Julia, au pair from Spain

"I am deeply in love with Colorado. At first, I just wanted to go to CA or NY. Now I am so glad I’m here. Otherwise I wouldn’t have known the magic of this place. Colorado for me means outdoors, healthy food and healthy people. Friendly and kind. I go climbing and skiing every week and skiing, and I’m eating gluten free and dairy free. My body is feeling so good."

Nele, au pair from Germany

"Every season is beautiful – in summer you get to run around in shorts and you’re still hot, even the fall isn’t cold or rainy. All the leaves are changing in beautiful colors, in between which it’s just awesome to do a little hiking. In the winter season Colorado turns into a real winter-wonderland! Everything is white, the sky is blue and skiing is just the best thing you can do in those great conditions."

Why be an au pair?

If you love children and crave the opportunity to experience life in another country, the au pair programme could be the perfect next adventure for you. As an au pair, you’ll gain the following

Personal Development

Gain independence and confidence, and emerge from this experience feeling more ready for your next chapter in life.

Cultural Exchange

Live with a host family and experience the American way of life, while sharing your own culture.

Professional Experience

Get work experience you can add to your CV, develop transferrable skills, and figure out your next steps in life.

Travel Opportunities

Explore the USA and its diverse cities and landscapes.

Study at an American University

Explore classes of your choice and earn educational credits.

Make Lifelong Memories

Meet au pair friends from around the world and make unforgettable memories.