Changing perspectives

How au pairs make the world a better place—one child at a time

Have you ever thought that sometimes, life puts people in your life in the perfect moment for a specific purpose? I believe life brought an old friend back into my life to inspire me to become an au pair. Having been part of the programme himself, he suggested I apply — and so I did.

Was I afraid? Terrified. But I found courage within … and I set out to discover a new kind of life — and a new version of myself. One of my biggest fears was the idea of not fitting in. I was afraid that people would judge me based on a stereotype — so I set out to change people's perspectives. I started with my host children.

Being an au pair is remarkable because you get to help influence children. It was my belief that if I could convince a child in the USA that people from other cultures, countries and beliefs can be cool too, then I could change the world — because years from now, that child will grow up, have a family, and raise their children with the idea of tolerance, love and acceptance. Then, the world will be a better, different place.

For this and so many other reasons, being an au pair completely changed my life. I was able to break down barriers between cultures. I was able to pursue my passion for art by taking classes at an American college. I became a stronger, wiser, more caring, more loving, and more grateful person. I consider myself lucky to have experienced life in the USA as an au pair — and I know this experience will continue to help me grow.