Become an au pair in Virginia

Being an au pair in Virginia is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the USA and gain independence

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As an au pair in Virginia, you’ll be living in one of the oldest states in the USA! The people in Virginia are friendly, but busy and living near the capital of the US, Washington D.C makes everyone work hard to live out their American dream. Virginia is a warm and green state with both the city and rural areas to explore.

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Moa, au pair from Sweden

“People don’t tell you how green Virginia actually is. It is absolutely beautiful here. I thought spring was pretty, but as the year went on it just got prettier with every season! It is also very close to the capital of the United States, Washington D.C. There are tons of free concerts, museum, cool events, a lot of races like Ugly Sweater Run. Living in VA, you are welcomed to a great group of au pairs, we meet several times a week!”

Louisa, au pair from Denmark

“Virginia is soooo beautiful! Especially when the fall comes. I live in Charlottesville which is a very cool place to live. You can always find something to do: drink coffee at one of the great coffee shops, go to the movies, go out in the evening—there are so many amazing places to eat here! Go hiking, go to the park, go shopping. Experience a football, basketball or other matches at UVA. Meet up with some of the students or au pairs. Virginia is great! You always have something to look forward to!”

Why be an au pair?

If you love children and crave the opportunity to experience life in another country, the au pair programme could be the perfect next adventure for you. As an au pair, you’ll gain the following:

Personal Development

Gain independence and confidence, and emerge from this experience feeling more ready for your next chapter in life.

Cultural Exchange

Live with a host family and experience the American way of life, while sharing your own culture.

Professional Experience

Get work experience you can add to your CV, develop transferrable skills, and figure out your next steps in life.

Travel Opportunities

Explore the USA and its diverse cities and landscapes.

Study at an American University

Explore classes of your choice and earn educational credits.

Make Lifelong Memories

Meet au pair friends from around the world and make unforgettable memories.