Insurance Coverage Options while in the USA

The Cultural Care Au Pair payment does include round-trip flights, support in the USA and basic health insurance, but we strongly recommend that you purchase extended insurance coverage to provide 100% peace of mind during your year in the USA. We have worked with our partner Erika Insurance Ltd. since 1995. Together we have created a custom travel policy that will let you enjoy your year without worries of medical emergencies or accidents ruining it.

Your year in the USA should be the best year of your life. Don’t let worries about medical bills ruin it. American health care is extremely costly. While your programme fee includes basic medical coverage, it has limits. It can be easy to exceed these limits due to an accident or illness. Why worry? Choosing Erika Extended Insurance Coverage will give you peace of mind to know that your bills will be paid.

Here’s what is covered by Erika Extended Insurance Coverage:

Erika Extended Insurance Coverage

  • Unlimited coverage for medical expenses
  • Coverage for the cost of family member flights in an emergency
  • Coverage for loss of baggage and property damage or theft
  • Flights home and return if your program is interrupted due to a death or serious illness in your immediate family
  • 24 hour emergency assistance via the toll-free number
  • Lower deductibles and “co-payments”
  • Support from our staff in filing and following up on your claim

Erika Thirteenth Month Travel Coverage

After your 12 month programme, take the chance to travel and explore the USA for one month at the end of your year. During this time, you want to be sure you are fully covered. This package provides you with the same extended coverage for this one month period of travel.

Activities & Sports package – Go wild!

During your year, you may want to participate in more adventurous activities that are not covered by normal insurance packages. There are various exciting activities available in many parts of the USA and your LCC will be organising fun activities for your group of au pairs. Make sure that your coverage is ready for any type of activity you’d like to do. Want to go white water rafting or jet-skiing? With the Erika Activities & Sports package you can just have fun knowing you are covered.

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