Meet our Au Pairs

Our Au Pairs travel from over 20 countries around the world, arriving to host families in all corners of the USA. The aim at the beginning of their adventure is to grow personally and professionally and learn about American life alongside a supportive host family. 

Their experiences are as different as each of them but they agree that a year with the au pair programme will not only change your life, the experience will change you for the better. See for yourself and take a look at these au pairs who tell us how they discovered the rewards of the programme.

Kirsty, au pair in Pennsylvania

Kirsty, who is from Wexford, has been with her host family in Bryn Mawr, PA since August 2016. Below she tells us about her experience so far!

"I joined the programme because I love children and love to travel. I have had a great experience so far with my family, new friends and the culture.

The training school was a lot of fun and a great opportunity to meet people all over the world.
This experience has led me to volunteering at the local veterinary clinic. I love working there and it's a great way to fill the day when my host child is in school.

I am currently studying law for my first college course which is very interesting. The fact that I get to try my two biggest interests which are, working with animals and the other being law has, already made this an amazing experience so far.

I have been to New York for a day with the training school which was an amazing experience. Then I went into Philadelphia with friends I made here. Each trip has been a lot of fun. At Christmas I will be travelling to Louisiana and will be staying with a friend. This experience gives you the opportunity to travel to places you never thought you would get to see which, is why I love this programme.

I would definitely recommend the Cultural Care Au Pair programme to others. The opportunities and experiences are things I would have never dreamed of doing. Also the staff are so helpful and will answer any questions you have at any time."

Ellie, au pair in Minnesota

Ellie, has been with her host family in Woodbury MN since August 2016. Below she tells us about her experience so far!

"I'd never heard of Cultural Care Au Pair before, until my tutor at college mentioned it to me, from then I knew this was exactly what I wanted to do for my gap year. I feel that it would prepare me with experience as I wish to go down the childhood caring career path. Universities are very competitive; therefore I thought this could be the perfect opportunity to shine out from everyone else. I went with Cultural Care Au Pair because the programme looked genuine. As soon as I started applying I got a phone call straight away and kept receiving them throughout the whole application process. Cultural Care are very supportive in all aspects and especially in making sure you have everything completed accurately. I received an email saying that I had been matched with the family that I'm currently with. I read up on and them and immediately arranged an online interview (which couldn't have gone better). When I first arrived at my host family’s home they welcomed me with open arms. I truly thought I would have been homesick, but it's hard to when my host parents are exactly like my own parents. I can't even think of where to start with the kids. The immediate connections between me and the kids were outstanding. Could an au pair wish for anything more than that?

I feel like our rules are pretty similar for looking after children as the US! Therefore in the training school for me it was just a reminder of how safe we need to be when responsible for these kids. I have only been here 3 months and I have already recommended so many friends to become an Au pair, and most importantly with Cultural Care.

My host family are my best friends! They would go over and beyond for me to make sure that I'm enjoying my stay here and feel comfortable. I see the kids as my little brothers and sister. I could spend years with them and I would still be as happy as I am now. I think the age that the children are at now (1 year old, 2 year old and 4 year old) is such an important stage, as they are developing every second. Therefore they need an individual who will guide them through it. Throughout this year I'm excited to see how much they grow physically and intellectually. I am so happy to be part of their lives. I am blessed."

Emma-Louise, au pair in Georgia

Emma-Louise, who is from Londonderry, has been with her host family in Atlanta, GA since February 2017. Below she tells us about her experience so far!

"I discovered Cultural Care through a Facebook advertisement. I visited the website & decided to sign up for an information meeting to find out more about the program. It was during that meeting that I knew I definitely wanted to become an au pair. Going into the meeting, I knew very little about being an au pair and how everything worked. By the end of the meeting, everything was clear and all my questions were answered before I could even ask! I was interviewed that day & began my application process soon after. The application process is very detailed and does take a bit of time and effort. This is understandable considering you are moving across the world to work with kids and live with people you have never met.

There is a lot of support from Cultural Care throughout your entire journey, not just the beginning. Once you are matched with a family they help prepare you for your move and once you get there they train you before helping you transition into a new home. Throughout the year you also have monthly meetings with a group of other au pairs and a Cultural Care representative (LCC) in your area. This person is your first point of contact if you have any issues or questions while in the USA.

I started my Cultural Care journey at the training school in Tarrytown, New York. It was 5 days of meeting new people, making friends, doing fun activities and learning how to be the best au pair you can be. It was great because everyone there was in the same position and you are put in a room with people who will be living near you throughout their au pair year. So, when you move into your new home, you already know someone close to you who you can hang out with.

I lived in Larchmont, New York (40 mins from NYC by train) for my first 3 months. Recently I have moved to Atlanta, Georgia with my host family as my host mum got a new job here. I loved living in New York and I made lots of amazing friends for life. I was surprised at how many au pairs there was there and how quickly I made friends. Since I lived so close to the city, I got to visit often. I went at least once a week, except the weeks I went travelling with friends. I loved NYC before I even got there and I was so lucky to match with a family that lived there. I got to see and do so many things!

Although I've only been here a short time, I have already done quite a bit of travelling. I have visited Washington, Boston and East Hampton, Connecticut so far. It's really fun to visit new places and usually you can find some friends to join you.

One of my favourite memories is the weekend I celebrated my birthday. We had a joint celebration for mine and Natalia's birthday, since we were born around the same time. She is one of my best friends who I met in New York. She is an au pair too, from Barcelona. It was a really fun night and a birthday I will never forget.

Being here is one of the hardest things I've done, as I am so distant from my family back home for such a long time. But being here is also one of the best things I've done. I am having an amazing time and I have learnt so much since I got here. I am still learning every day. My host kids in particular teach me a lot.

I am more open-minded since I got here, and I have gained a lot more patience as well. I have also learned a lot about the American culture as I get to experience it firsthand. Being an au pair is not just about 'babysitting' kids. It's about looking after them, caring for them and becoming a role model for them. Living with the family makes you part of the family. I have already fallen in love with my host kids and I spend time with them even when I’m not working. It is a challenging job, caring for kids, but it's one of the most rewarding jobs too."

Laura, au pair in New York

Laura, who is from Leek, has been with her host family in Scarsdale, NY since July 2016. Below she tells us about her experience so far!

"I came to New York less than a week after graduating university. Whilst applying for graduate jobs I realised I needed a little more time to gain experience of the world, to find my self-confidence and to learn about other cultures. My sister had previously been an Au Pair in Europe, but can speak multiple European languages. I can only speak English, so America seemed like my main option - and a very exciting one at that!

It took me three weeks to apply, interview and match. It was really important to me to find a family like my own, but the enormous amount of families searching for an Au Pair meant that I quickly found a family that I connected with, and they happened to be next to one of the most exciting cities in the USA.

During my time here I have gained so much experience. Aside from the obvious childcare experience you gain, you are forced to put yourself out there, to meet other people and make friends, to travel to new cities and experience new activities and adventures. Whilst I have been here I have made a whole bunch of friends who are like extended family to me, and they are going to be extremely difficult to leave when I go home.

With regard to my host family, not only do my host kids respect me as a caregiver, we have a mutual care and love for one another. The best way I can probably describe our relationship is like cousins. As I move closer to the end of my year I realise just how much love I have for these kids and how important they are in my life. I'm already planning a trip back in October and I only leave in July!

On the whole, whilst deciding to move to another country to live and work with strangers may seem daunting, it's one of the most enriching and life changing experiences you can have as a young adult. I have a lot to thank Cultural Care for!"

Emily, au pair in Minnesota

Emily, has been with her host family in Mahtomedi, MN since December 2015. Below she tells us about her experience so far!

"Hi to all future Au Pairs, host families or people who just happen to come across the Cultural Care Au Pair website! I chose Cultural Care as my agency because I found out about it through a mutual friend; however after doing research and having such an excellent experience with the lovely ladies in the UK office (and future amazing experience with everyone working with the company along the way) I knew that it was a perfect fit for me! Everyone is so supportive and you are always sure of what is happening, any questions are welcomed and answered near instantaneously, so there’s really not even any room for concern. For myself personally I never even really had any issues/questions throughout the application process or the process prior to application due to the fact that the main website for cultural care itself is so filled with information, given enough time, you can definitely find out all that you need to. 

I decided to be an Au Pair as I felt that the job would be a very rewarding learning experience. The different culture and being away from home and family for a year, potentially two, is such a worthy way to spend time in your life. Learning a difference in family values, being away for what could be the first time, living somewhere new, meeting and making new friends, driving in a new city, studying new subjects. Your whole perspective on life may and probably will change during this year and I can speak for both myself and multiple friends that I have met since being here, that it is the best job we have ever had. Having such a vastly different and immensely supportive group of people we are lucky enough to work so closely with, is another huge reason to love the programme.

I actually matched with my host family after only matching with one family prior, although this isn’t the case for many au pairs, plenty of people have numerous matches until they feel that they have found the best match for them which is totally normal also! I was very fortunate to find a family with the same views as myself, and have been explicit with them from the very beginning. One thing I will say is the most important part of this process is communication, whether you come from an entirely different background or one that is relatively similar, if you are a native English speaker or not, there are always ways in which to communicate and it is necessary for a healthy working and living environment. I knew that my family was right for me because we each asked questions that were checking off each other’s lists, all my concerns were answered in the questions they asked me. I have also talked to them since about why they selected me and for my host mom especially it was due to the fact I wanted them to talk to and meet my family. That is not by any means a miracle answer to how to get a host family to select you, but for my host family and me, we each have strong family values and are close to our loved ones, so that was very important to us both and in that moment they knew I was the right match for them.

I also feel very fortunate in the sense that I am yet to feel homesick (upon writing this I have been in the US for almost five months). Sure I miss home, and the first few weeks adjustment are a different experience but I will say that preparing your mind as I did before leaving for the fact that you are going and are going to be gone for a year if not more definitely helps. I told myself a lot before I left that sometimes it would be hard and that missing family is normal but also this is going to be the best year and experience of our lives. There are some really great places, opportunities and families in the programme, so being a part of it and embracing it helps not to feel homesick. For the first few weeks make an effort with your host family to get to know them and feel comfortable around them, no matter how much you talk before arrival and how well you think you know them it is always different in person! Your host family also want to know that you are happy around them and will want to get to know you too!

I would definitely recommend Cultural Care to all who wish to be an Au Pair in the future, it is without a doubt a very successful company in the sense that it is completely transparent. You are helped each and every step of the way both good and bad, because it isn’t always a perfect experience. But that is also part of what makes Cultural Care as great as it is, throughout everything they are a safety net from host families and au pairs alike. I am glad that I chose them as my agency and would do it a million times again!"

Ella, au pair in California

Ella, has been with her host family in San Diego, CA since September 2015. Below she tells us about her experience so far!

''Travelling to the USA and working with children has always been a dream of mine and after hearing about the opportunity to work as an Au pair in America with Cultural Care through a friend, I knew that this was an opportunity that I could not miss out on.

Cultural Care helped guide and support me throughout the whole process and I felt completely assured that this was the right decision for me. I was lucky enough to find the perfect host family very quickly and our common interests and active lifestyles made us an ideal match, however it wasn't until I interviewed with the family via Skype that we clicked and I knew that they were the family I wanted to embark on this incredible adventure with.

My first stop in the USA was the Training school in New York, everyone here made you feel so welcome and at ease. Although I was nervous to start with the staff helped prepare you for the year to come and by the end of the week I was just excited to meet my host family. During my time here in the USA so far I have met some incredible lifelong friends and embarked on some amazing adventures such as an incredible week long vacation in Hawaii and much more.

I would definitely recommend Cultural Care to others. When I first came to the USA I was homesick for my first few weeks, but it passed and I began to make a life over here, meet incredible friends, grow as a person and experience things I once only dreamed of. This has been one of the best decisions I have made and I look forward to what exciting adventures are still come''

Ella's host family, the Douglas family, also wanted to say a few words about their experience so far!

“Having an au pair has been the best decision for our family. We have gotten so much more than just amazing care for our children; she has become truly an extension of our family. Through our au pair, our family has been exposed to other cultures and we have been very proud to share our lives with her.”

Liam, au pair in Connecticut

Liam, has been with his host family in Darien, CT since November 2015. Below he tells us about his experience so far!

"I've had a great year as an au pair with Cultural Care! I formed a great relationship with the children I was looking after very quickly. The year has flown by. I was interested in becoming an au pair because it gave me the chance to gain a years worth of great childcare experience but also the chance to properly live in America for a while. I have definitely been able to experience American culture especially living so close to New York City. I won't forget this experience and it will be really hard having to leave the children."

Jessica, au pair in Virginia

Jessica, has been with her host family in Ashburn, VA since February 2016. Below she tells us about her experience so far!

"Deciding to become an Aupair was easy! I was working with children anyway, which is my passion and one day I woke up and said to myself "I'd love to do what I'm already doing but be able to travel at the same time" 

Finding my host family was hard at first! I was more excited about the places I could live rather than the family I'd be living with. Once I got into the mindset of wanting to find a great host family instead of the place, then everything began to fall into place and in no time I was matched with the perfect family for me! 

I live in Virginia which is on the East coast. I love it! It’s such a beautiful state. My advice to anyone in the process of becoming an au pair would be, don't think about the place to much, you can always travel and it's not that expensive to get from state to state!

I would definitely recommend this programme, it's changed my life. I've finally found who I am as a person, what my strengths are and also my weaknesses. I have also decided what career path I want to go down (finally)! I've made lifelong friends from all around the world! From Australia to South Africa! 

I came to America wanting to have lifelong experiences to be able to tell my future children and I have definitely succeeded!

My host family said to me - I will always have a home with them! 

I couldn't be more blessed! Thank you Cultural Care Au Pair!"

Lucyanne, au pair in Connecticut

Lucyanne, has been with her host family in Westport, CT since June 2016. Below she tells us about her experience so far!

How did you feel during the first weeks after arrival in the US?

"It is still very surreal, the first few weeks were very overwhelming from meeting new people to experiencing a new culture. I have been blessed from the start of my journey to be surrounded by patient and welcoming people from my host family to friends that I made from training school and my au pair group."

Would you recommend the cultural care programme to others?

"Yes definitely! Being an au pair has been the best decision I have made and the support from the start of the process has been amazing! The cultural exchange aspect is perfect and the process was quick and straightforward. Any issue or question I had was dealt with and answered straight away no matter how silly the question."

Why did you decided to become an au pair?

"Since I could talk I have wanted to live in America, and I was working in health care as full time employment. The idea of combining both passions is what made the decision final, I loved working with children and getting to do that job whilst living in America was the perfect fit. On a personal note I also saw this opportunity to gain more confidence as well as gaining more knowledge on different cultures from living as an American but also from the friends you make I now have friends from so many different countries all of which have something new to teach."

Rita, au pair in Chicago

Rita, who is from London, was with her host family in Chicago, IL from August 2015. She is now an ambassador for the programme and below she tells us about her experience in America!

"The part I enjoyed the most during my au pair year having an amazing host family and kids. They were so lovely and welcoming that I settled in straight away and became part of the family. They showed me all the aspects of USA life and I got to experience all the traditions and holidays celebrated such as thanksgiving, which I loved. My host family was based in Chicago and I fell in love with the city which has so much going on! 

Getting to travel around the USA to different states was a definite highlight of my au pair year. I was able to go to New Orleans and experienced Mardi Gras which was lots of fun. I got to visit most of the places I wanted to and the rest I aim to do in the future because I plan on returning to the USA.  

I did an amazing road trip of the east coast and got to see DC, Charleston, Nashville, Atlanta, and Savannah. Doing a road trip is the best way to see the USA because you can stop and explore and carry on. My favourite place to visit was Nashville simply because I love country music and got to see a few free country music concerts with big stars such as CAM and Old Dominion. 
My favourite memory with my host kids was all the fun we had playing indoors with games and outdoors in the parks and going to the children's museums. Watching them grow and teaching them new skills was amazing. Watching my one year old host child take her first steps was an unforgettable experience and a treasured memory. 
I did the au pair weekend classes which were so much fun and very informative. As well as learning about Chicago, the culture and lifestyle I got to meet and make lots of friends from all over the world. We got to go the Willis Tower and Hancock tower also got to volunteer in a homeless shelter which was very rewarding. 
From my au pair experience I am more independent, driven, hardworking and full of life. I became more responsible and sociable because of all I experienced. My love of travel grew and my love for childcare even more. It was a life changing experience that I will never forget and I treasure dearly. I'm so glad I was an au pair it was the best life decision I've made so far because I got to see so much and had so many amazing experiences. I learned new skills and new personal attributes about myself which have made me a stronger and better person today. My one regret is that I didn’t extend my au pair year, I wish so much that I had because I wasn’t ready to go and had so much more to do and see I miss the whole experience and I loved every minute of it."

Alicia, au pair in New York

Alicia, who is from Kettering, has been with her host family in Bellmore, NY since June 2016. Below she tells us about her experience so far!

"I really wanted to experience something different and when I saw the Cultural Care programme I thought it was perfect! Moving away from home to a completely different county was a tough thought for me but I knew it was something I had to do to experience a new culture and develop as a person.

When talking to many families all sorts of characteristics stood out each time but when I skyped my last family I just knew that they were the family I wanted to work for. Something stood out about them and we got along really well. The children were so lovely from the start and I could see their personalities straight away.

In all honesty the first few weeks were incredibly difficult for me, I was finding it hard being away from home and was feeling very home sick but as I got to meet new people and really settle in I was so happy that I had taken this step. Now I love being in America and experiencing new things with the great friends I have made that I truly believe we will be friends for life.

I thought that my birthday was going to just be another week day that would just pass by but it was made possibly the best birthday I have ever had. My host family actually threw a surprise birthday party for me the weekend before and invited other families and some of my friends, it was so great! Then on my birthday we went for dinner and finally to top the celebrations of I spent the weekend with my friends in New York City which was an experience of a life time!

I would recommend this programme to anybody who asks me because they deserve to be able to tell their own stories just like me!"

Rony, au pair in North Carolina

Rony, has been with her host family in Gastonia, NC since July 2016. Below she tells us about her experience so far!

Why did you decide to go with Cultural Care Au Pair?

"I had been looking at the option of becoming an Au pair for a couple of years throughout university, which meant I had a lot of time to do my research. I read countless reviews and testimonials from people associated with many Au pair agencies before I decided to contact Cultural Care. It was Important to me that I found the best agency so I knew I had support and assistance whenever I needed it, which is exactly what I have had with Cultural Care from the very start. It was quickly clear that my Cultural Care home team in London genuinely cared about my upcoming experience and through regular contact and catch up’s they made sure I had everything needed from the first step of the application process right through to my departure day!"

How did you feel during the first weeks after arrival in the U.S.? 

"At 22 years old and an experienced traveler, I would like to think I was a little better prepared than most for the integration into American life. The truth is, the culture Shock will happen no matter what! You go through a whole host of emotions during the first few weeks... being excited, homesickness, being overwhelmed, anxious, frustrated. Initially it feels like you have 101 things to do; get your social security number, set up a bank account, sort out a driving license, try to figure out how to use the abnormally large American washing machines… The list goes on. But don't stress, YOU HAVE TIME! 
During the first few weeks, I really relied on my host family to help me settle in and find my feet. I was fortunate enough to arrive during the summer vacation from school and so got to spend lots of time with my host family and it was a great time for bonding with my host kids, spending some time getting to know how things work around the home, where my local stores were etc. This also meant I had enough time to find my feet before my schedule started which really helped me get used to life in America. Although I did miss home, having such a great host family and so much to do and explore in my new city really helped me!”

Laura, au pair in California

Laura, has been with her host family in San Francisco, CA since August 2016. Below she tells us about her experience so far!

"It was very important to me to travel to the US with an agency that made me feel safe and supported - it's a big change and I chose Cultural Care because I felt that they really cared about me and my experience.

I spoke to lots of different families before finding my host family. We just clicked, and the more I spoke to them, the more confident I felt with my decision. I have been really lucky to find such an amazing family.

The training school is a really great place to meet friends, not just who will be living in your area (although this is useful) but also people living in other states or cities. I now have friends living in Alabama, New York, New Jersey and Washington which is great as I want to travel!
The first few weeks were quite overwhelming for me, being in a new country, making new friends and trying to create a bond with the children, but I just needed to give myself some time to settle in and now I feel very at home and comfortable.

I have been able to do so many amazing things here so far, and being an au pair gives you an excuse to do all the fun stuff for kids without feeling embarrassed!
I would definitely recommend Cultural Care Au Pair to a friend - they have supported me completely through the whole process and it is never hard to reach someone who can help if you have an issue.

Overall, I am having a wonderful time here in the USA. My host family has made me feel really welcome and at home - I am looking forward to spending Christmas and Thanksgiving with them. It's really easy to make friends here too. The au pair meetings are a perfect opportunity for this as everyone is in the same boat and wants to make new friends. I am hoping to travel to the east coast soon and I also would love to go to Hawaii."

Hayley, au pair in Connecticut

Hayley, has been with her host family in Darien, CT since October 2015. Below she tells us about her experience so far!

How did you feel during the first weeks after arrival in the U.S.?

"I was understandably very nervous and anxious about being away from home for a whole year. I luckily wasn't very homesick because I have travelled prior to this and deep down when you’re really passionate about doing something, all the worries and stress factors will soon disappear and you realise you’re on a big adventure.  I was so lucky to be matched with a great host family, which it makes it a lot easier during your first weeks here because they do everything they possibly can to make you feel at home and make you feel comfortable."

 What did you feel about the training school?

"I had heard so many things about the training school before I went! I think people expect too much and are really picky with everything. They provide a range of different food so if you’re not happy with something, just eat something else! The days there are long and a lot of the stuff is using your common sense but the staff there are really friendly and helpful, and make it more fun!"

 Would you recommend the Cultural Care programme to others?

"I would totally recommend Cultural Care Au Pair to other people! The staff in my home country were extremely friendly and helpful with all my questions and my LCC here in America is great too - I know she is always there if I need her!

I have some au pair friends here that are with other agencies and complain about their programme and how they wished they had looked into other agencies.

If I were to go back and search again, I would still go with Cultural Care Au Pair because I think it is much more affordable than other organisations."

 How do you find your Host Family, travelling and friends?

 "I've been so lucky to be matched with one of Cultural Care’s great host families! Ever since my first day here, they have shown me nothing but kindness and support and my host kids are great, well behaved and polite.

I have been living in Connecticut for almost 6months and I've already had the chance to travel to California, Florida, Boston and in a few weeks I will be off to the Bahamas! I frequently spend my weekends in New York City too!

A huge thing for me was making friends, because having friends here that are in the same position as you is a crucial thing to help you through your year and make you have the best experience of your life. I have met some great friends who I spend all of my free time with and it's such a great feeling to have them as part of my memories!"

 And a few last words from Hayley..

"I've had the best time of my life here so far and I really don't want to go back home to England in October. I always said to myself and my family back home that if I wasn't homesick, I would definitely extend here for another whole year, so that's exactly what I'm going to do! I'm currently in the matching process to find a second family and enjoy a second year in California!

If you’re thinking of becoming an au pair with Cultural Care Au Pair, just do it! I can't express how much of a great experience you will have and the friends and adventures that you will make. You gain so much more experience here and even though I speak English, my host kids are forever teaching me all the different American words and the American way of life! And it gives me such a good feeling when I hear my host kids say the British pronunciation of words because all the phrases that I use, rub off on them.

Yes it's a huge and scary step to take, but those fears don't last long once you dive into your year! It truly is life changing and I'm so glad that I took the plunge and worked up courage to come here and do this."

Sophie, au pair in Washington

Sophie, has been with her host family in Bellevue, WA since July 2016. Below she tells us about her experience so far!

How did you choose your Host Family or how did you know they were the right match for you?

"I felt that looking for a host family would be difficult as you have to try and get to know them via email and Skype. But when you find the right family you know. I knew that my family was the right ones for me because they were very easy to get on with and they were always very helpful in answering questions that I may have had. They also told me a lot about the area that they live and gave ideas of places to go and see. This reassured me that if they were the family that I went with they would be very welcoming and kind people. They have been exactly that and I'm so glad that I chose to accept this family for my year in the USA." 

How did you feel during the first weeks after arrival in the U.S.?
"When I landed at JFK New York is when all the different feelings began to arise; nerves, excitement, the feeling of ‘oh wow I really did this’. The first few weeks were full of fun and getting to know people. First at the training school where you meet many new people all of whom are in the same boat as you and getting ready to start a great year. The first week at the training school felt like it was over in a flash and you are on a plane heading to your host family. The first couple of weeks with your host family are the time where you take in everything meet your host child/children and get to know where you live. It can be full of excitement and nerves. After being here 4 months and getting over all the nerves I can say for sure that this is the best thing I ever decided to do."

Why did you decide to become an au pair?
"I decided to become and au pair because I was looking for something new to do. I had just finished a university degree and knew that whatever I was going to do would include working with children. When I found Cultural Care Au Pair I knew that would be a great opportunity for me, as it would allow me to visit the USA but also meant that I would get to work with children at the same time. As working with children is something that I am passionate about Cultural Care was perfect for me."

Would you recommend the Cultural Care programme to others?
"I would definitely recommend the Cultural Care programme to others because it gives you such a great opportunity to live, work and study in the USA. You are with families who want you to be there and enjoy yourself as well as provide quality care for their children. It also gives you the chance to see a different country and experience a different way of life to what you might be used to at home. Definitely worth the experience."

Abigail, au pair in North Carolina

Abigail, has been with her host family in Mooresville, NC since June 2016. Below she tells us about her experience so far!

"The main reason I chose to go with Cultural Care Au Pair was that I have always wanted to visit the US; I thought that a good way of doing it would be to live and experience the culture
My host family is amazing. I spoke to them a few times before I knew they were the right match for me, they were, and are, always so friendly and answered all of the questions that I had about my stay in the US.

I decided to become an Au Pair because I wanted a year out before I settle down with a career. Taking care of children is something that I have always loved to do; it is something that I enjoy doing very much so I thought that being an Au Pair would be the perfect opportunity for me. 
My host family is great, they encourage me to make plans and go somewhere different every weekend as well as giving us some ideas of where to go, which is great!"

Hannah, au pair in Washington

Hannah, who is now a meeting leader in London for Cultural Care Au Pair, was with with her host family in Seattle, WA and returned in May 2016. She extended her au pair experience an additional 9 months and below she tells us about her experience

Why did you decide to go with Cultural Care Au Pair?
"Cultural Care Au Pair were so welcoming and available to help from the moment I registered interest in the programme. I went to the orientation meeting with uncertainties and reservations, but left inspired and with all my questions answered. With each step along the application process I felt more sure that it was what I wanted to do and that Cultural Care was the company I wanted to go with because at every point of contact Cultural Care staff were professional, friendly and able to answer my questions with consistent information – I would recommend them to anyone considering being an au pair in America!"

How did you choose your host family – how did you know they were the right match?
"Initially, I imagined being an au pair for a handful of young children, probably girls, so when I was matched with a family with two boys, aged 10 and 14, I was uncertain. However, my first Skype with my host mom lasted over an hour and we were instantly at easy with each other. I knew that they were the right match for me because there were lots of little things that made me happy. Also, I had a content, certainty feeling in my gut which had been absent after Skype meetings with previous potential host families. With other potential host families there has been something not quite right, I couldn’t put my finger on why but there was something that made me unsure – this feeling was absent with my host family so I knew they were a match for me."

How did you feel during the first weeks after arrival in the US?
"During my first few weeks in the US I mostly felt excited; everything was so new and interesting. Yet, I also felt pretty overwhelmed by all the new information and things I needed to learn – at times it felt like I would never learn my way around my neighbourhood or my host kid’s schedule. My host family was so kind and had expected this so had planned my first few weeks to be a gentle introduction with lots of extra time with them around to help me adjust."

Why did you decide to become an au pair?
"I graduated from university and wanted to take a break from studying. I explored a number of options but decided to pursue au pairing because I love spending time with children and am very family-orientated. I liked that through these passions I would be able to experience a new culture and explore a new part of the world." 

How do you find you host family, travelling and friends?
"My host family made me feel like part of their family, involving me in any special outing, meal times or travels. As exciting as all those things were, it was the everyday little things that I was able to be part of that will have a special place in my heart for always. For example, my eldest host kid and I made up a secrete set of hand signals.

One of the things I miss most about my time as an au pair is my host dog, Jackie, who was my constant shadow, following me everywhere, and kept my company on the beautiful hikes in the mountains.

Apart from the cultural immersion in the American way of life, the friends I made from all over the world have taught me about so many different cultures and traditions. I made so many precious friends and hosted a weekly coffee morning for the au pairs in my area which was always so full of giggles and smiles."

Siddiqa, au pair in New Jersey

Siddiqa, went to her host family in Princeton Junction, NJ in March 2014. Below she tells us about her au pair experience!

"I looked after two active and passionate young boys in New Jersey and I can say it was the most interesting and life-changing experience of my life!

Why did you decide to go with Cultural Care Au Pair?

"There are many agencies to select from when deciding to join an Au Pair agency but I knew Cultural Care Au Pair was the one for me because of how much support and feedback I received from the office in London. I felt confident that this agency was best for me after I had the information meeting. It was lovely talking to a former au pair so I can find out all the nitty gritty details about being an Au Pair in America!"

How did you choose your host family or how did you know they were the right match for you?

"Overall, I had two interviews with two different host families. I decided to go with my second match host family. I knew that this host family were perfect for me during our first interview on Skype. I was advised by the home office in London with all the questions I should ask my host family so I was aware of what is expected of me as an Au Pair and, as an additional member of the family. What made me certain to go with my host family was based on how my host parents and I communicate with each other. It was powerful, effective and we both understood the Au Pair program."

How did you feel during the first weeks after arrival in the U.S.?

"Nervous and excited! I was traveling to the U.S by myself for the first time ever! Once I got to the training school in N.Y, I felt calmer. All the other girls I met were in the exact position as me so we all became friends instantly. I learned a lot of things at the training school such as First Aid and received training from American Red Cross. This helped me feel prepared for potential difficult situations I may have with my host kids.
I was so excited to meet my host parents and start building positive relationships with my host kids and I still remember the first time I met them. They were running around naked in the living room! They became very comfortable with me and I loved spending every minute with them! I was new to their family, neighbourhood, and city but my host parents were very empathetic and showed me around the area. After meeting my LCC in Princeton, I felt like this was the perfect place for me! I met other au pairs and I made three best friends from Germany and Mexico who were also au pairs just like me!"

Why did you decide to become an au pair?

"I wanted to be an Au Pair in USA because my main goal in life is to become a teacher. I wanted more experience with children but from a close and personal experience. I also wanted to travel across America while I was young. Not only has being an Au Pair helped me to accomplish my goals in traveling, but now I can also kick start my career in teaching."

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