Oh, baby!

Cultural Care is now accepting au pairs with infant experience - no drivers' license necessary!

Completing your application and getting your driving license can take time, so at Cultural Care we are making it easier for you.

You can now be accepted on to the programme before you have your driving license if you are infant qualified!*

This means you can start looking for your host family sooner and build a stronger relationship with them even before you fly.

What is infant qualified?

If you have 200+ hours of childcare experience with infants under the age of two then you are qualified to look after infants in the USA. Infants are any children under the age of two. Even if a host family has older children but one child under two, you will still need to be infant qualified to be an au pair in their home. Being infant qualified means that you have more families to choose from, as well as enjoying all the other benefits of looking after babies – like seeing their first steps!

Contact your local office to find out more!

*Of course, you should continue to work on obtaining your driving license, as this gives you the best chance to find your perfect host family even sooner!