Imagine exploring the USA. Imagine making friends with people from all over the world. Imagine discovering a second family — and a second home. Imagine becoming an au pair.

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What is an au pair?

An au pair is a cultural exchange participant between the ages of 18 and 26 who lives with an American host family and cares for their children.

If you love children and want to take a year off to grow both personally and professionally, the au pair programme could be the perfect next step for you.

Perks of the program:

  • Receive free room and board, and earn a minimum weekly stipend of $195.75
  • Explore your neighborhood and travel in your free time
  • Take a full month to travel at the end of your year and a 2-week paid vacation
  • Get up to $500 towards an accredited course in the US
  • Start with a week at the au pair training school near New York City

Au pair stories

Being an au pair is an opportunity to travel, learn and grow in a new country. It’s a chance to push yourself outside your comfort zone and face new challenges, head on. It’s about forming connections, making memories and experiencing the moments—big and small—that add up to a year you’ll never forget.

Every au pair is different, but every one has a story to tell.

  • Testing this out.
    Testing this out.

    Rose Mary, Italy

    Looking back at these two years I think it has been the best decision I ever took! It literally shaped me into the woman I am today—self-confident, open-minded, multitasking, always curious about life and new experiences.

  • Natalia, Brazil

    As an au pair, I’ve been to beautiful places, met amazing people, and experienced a lot of different cultures. I learn more about myself with each trip that I go on, and I’ve learned how to make plans, stay focused and save money for my next steps—because I’m not done exploring this world yet!

  • Photo by @gaellelebrun
    Photo by @gaellelebrun

    Gaelle, France

    I believe that home is more of a feeling than a place, and they are my host family are a perfect example of this. They are my home. Beginning when I first arrived, and throughout every situation since, my host family continues to help me, share with me, teach me as much as they can, and push me to fulfill my dreams.